Use thousands of Google Drive Stock images in Google Docs


Google Docs allows you to create feature-rich documents and presentations. It also allows you to insert images / photos in your documents and presentations / slides. However, on some occasions, you may not have your own images ready for being inserted in your documents. It is here that Google Drive (of which, Google Docs now forms part) can come to your help. The Google Drive offers a very large collection of Stock images, readily available within Google Docs itself, for being inserted in your documents and presentations. Sometime in early 2012, Google Drive had made available a large collection of Stock images. Last week (in early December 2012), Google Drive has added another 5000 Stock images that can be used for being inserted in your Google Docs documents and presentations. Here is how to use Google Drive Stock images / photos in your documents and presentations / slides in Google Docs.

(1) Login to your Google Docs account. Create a new document or presentation, or open an existing document or presentation in which you want to insert Google Drive Stock images. Move the cursor to the desired place.

Select Images from Insert menu in Google Docs

(2) Click on Image on the Insert menu. A new “Insert Image” window appears on the screen. It gives you several options to insert an image in your document or presentation. For example, you can upload an image from your computer, insert an image from its URL, take a snapshot, select an image from your own albums, search an image from the Internet, or search an image from Google Drive Stock images. We are interested in the last option, i.e., we want to select an image from Google Drive Stock images. So, click on Search in the left sidebar, and then select Stock images. See the following screenshot:

Select Stock Images from the Search section in Google Docs

(3) Now, enter your search expression in the search box, and then click the Search button. Stock images from Google Drive, that are relevant to your searched expression, will now be shown. For example, I had searched “drawing room”, and I got the following search results (all search results are not visible in this screenshot):

Google Drive Stock Images search results

(4) Select an image from the results to add it to your document. Once it is inserted in your document, you can edit it, resize it, etc., as desired, as you would normally do with other images.

That’s it! However, please take care to use and modify only those images or photos that offer you free right to use it and/or to modify it. The copyright of the image-owner needs to be respected. Usually, the search results by Google will show you the copyright details, such as “commercial reuse with modification”, etc. Also see: Search commercially reusable images with Google Images.

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