Use Google for Spell-check suggestions in Chrome


Google Chrome browser has a built-in spell-checker. Whenever you’re tying in a text box in the Chrome and commit a spelling mistake, it can check such mistakes suggest you the correct words. You can do so by right-clicking on any wrongly-spelt word in Chrome. Now, Chrome has added a new spell-check feature. You can use the web services in Chrome to automatically connect to the Google servers for a smarter spell-checking function.

Using web services for spell-checking in text boxes and forms at the time of typing text, means that you use the same spell-checking technology that is used by Google Search. To do, right-click on any wrongly-spelt word in a text box or form in Chrome, and then from the context menu, select Spell-checker options and from the sub-menu select Ask Google for suggestions.

For more information, visit this Help page for Chrome.

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