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PicasaPicasa is one of the best programs to edit photos, organize them and share them online. If you use Google Chrome as your browser, you can use the Picasa Web Albums browser App to share your photos and videos online directly from the Chrome browser instead of using the Picasa software. It goes without saying that you can continue to use Google’s Picasa software to upload your photos and entire albums at once. Of course, you also get 1 GB free online storage for your photos on Picasa. You can easily access your free online storage using this Picasa application in Chrome.

When you install the Picasa browser App in Chrome and click it, this is how it opens in your browser:

Picasa Web Albums application in Google Chrome
Picasa Web Albums application in Google Chrome

Picasa App gives you access to your Picasa free 1 GB storage online which is sufficient to stores around 4,000 standard resolution photos. You can upload original resolution photos to enable your friends to download your photos in high quality to print and share.

You can access your “My Photos” using this App. You can upload your photos. Exploring photos available online in other user accounts of Picasa is also quite easy. Once you’ve uploaded your own photo albums to Picasa, you can easily change their visibility target audience by clicking the Edit Visibility link that is available under the My Photos link.

While exploring photos in Picasa that have been uploaded by other users, you can also view the photos by popular tags (at the bottom of the screen, as shown in picture above), such as wedding, trip, day, new, pics, Christmas, party, family, photos, birthday, pictures, vacation, park, year, beach, summer, people, city, fotos, camera, photography, lake, house, cruise, nature, show, photo, halloween, tour, visit, October, winter, valley, bday, water, south, December, fall, landscape, flowers, and the like.

On the right side of the screen, you’ll get access to the Recent Photos slideshow.

Picasa App makes it easy to share your photos. Directly from the Picasa Web Albums in your browser, you can send links to your uploaded photos, albums, or your entire online photo gallery.

This App also allows you to add name tags to the faces identified in your photos. You can geotag photos and videos to record the places where they were originally taken.

Download & Install: Picasa App can be installed in your Chrome browser by visiting this link and then clicking Add to Chrome button.

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