Send anonymous email without email account


note2email service allows you to send email without an email account or login Do you want to send an email to somebody but you don’t have an email account? Or, say you’re not able to access your email account? You can use the free email services of note2email to send email to anybody. If you want to send a note to your own email account, then also note2email will be handy. No need to sign up for an email account. No need for login. Simply type your email message or note and click Send button to send the email to your desired email address.

You can send an anonymous email through note2email; but don’t send any email for any illegal purpose because your IP address may get sent in the hidden headers of the email. This anonymous email is only for some genuine purposes where you don’t want to disclose your identity but your purpose is not illegal.

You don’t require to have any account with note2email for sending any email. Therefore, you’ll not be required to enter any user name or password. The email that will be sent on your behalf to your intended recipient will be sent from the an address at note2email. Have a look at their email interface:

Interface of note2email - how to send email without having an email account

Note2email will allow you to send even an encrypted email by providing your optional encryption key. The site states that the encryption key is not stored anywhere making the email content as safe as possible and it is only readable if you know the encryption key.

This service can also be useful when you’re browsing the Internet at some public computer such as in some Internet cafe and find something interesting on the Internet which you want to send to your email for future reference or record purposes. But you don’t want to login to your own email account as there may be some spyware or keylogger on that public computer. So simply send the quick notes to your own email address in one easy step by using this anonymous email services of note2email. When you check your email Inbox later, don’t forget to also check your bulk mail folder or the spam folder since it is quite possible that such email may land in those folders.

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