OtherInbox Unsubscriber for Yahoo Mail to easily unsubscribe marketers


OtherInbox UnsubscriberYou’re not alone in being flooded with unwanted / spam emails from marketers. These emails keep coming to your inbox and take your precious time for reading and/or deleting. Even if you send an unsubscribe requests to the senders of these unwanted emails, it may not be of much help. Sometimes, the emails would stop for some time, but would restart again. On some other occasions, unsubscribe request will lead to more unwanted emails from these and other marketers. If you’ve Yahoo Mail account, now you can try to take advantage of an App for Yahoo Mail to get you unsubscribed from these marketers. The Unsubscriber App in Yahoo Mail from OtherInbox will handle the unsubscribe requests on your behalf and till your request is accepted by the sender, all further emails from that sender will go to an Unsubscribe folder instead of going to your Inbox.

To use this Unsubscriber App, go to the Applications section of the Yahoo Mail page (it should be on the left pane, towards the bottom part of the screen). Click on the Unsubscriber link. You’ll be greeted with the following dialog box, asking you to click OK to use this application:

OtherInbox Unsubscriber for Yahoo Mail to easily unsubscribe marketers
OtherInbox Unsubscriber for Yahoo Mail to easily unsubscribe marketers

After clicking OK, and following other on-screen instructions, you’ll be installing the Unsubscribe App.

After this process is over, an Unsubscribe folder will be created in your Yahoo Mail account.

Now what you have to do is to simply move any unwanted email into the Unsubscribe folder. The Unsubscriber application will make sure that you’re not bothered by the sender of that email again. So, whatever marketing emails you’re getting, simply move them to the Unsubscribe folder. Rest of work of unsubscribing from such marketing emails is handled by this application.

How the Unsubscriber works?

When you drag an email into the Unsubscribe folder, the Unsubscriber App notifies the sender that your email account needs to be removed from the subscription list. Once you do that, the Unsubscriber Appl will route any new email from this particular sender directly into the Unsubscribe folder in your account, thus keeping these emails out of your Inbox.

At the same time, in the background, Unsubscriber App will be working to remove your email address from the offending list of the sender. You don’t have to answer any questions, remember any passwords or be asked to confirm anything.

Even after dragging the email to the Unsubscribe folder, you may notice an email or two from the sender still going into the Unsubscribe folder as the process completes. But, after some emails, the sender will usually cease to send further emails. In any case, these further emails, if any, will be going to your Unsubscribe folder automatically, and they will not go into your Inbox.

The good thing for you is that you don’t need to do anything else, after dragging the first email from a particular sender into the Unsubscribe folder.

Thus, the Unsubscribe folder will take care of removing your email address from all offending senders’ lists safely, easily and completely. When you no longer need this email, feel free to delete it!

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