Microsoft Word Resume Templates for preparing your resume or CV


Microsoft Word makes it easy to prepare resume or CV with the help of resume templates Preparing a good resume or CV is an important step in the process of securing an employment. It is a good opportunity to impress your would-be employer of your professional qualities. What you are is important but what you appear to others is equally important. Your resume is the first interaction between you and your potential employer. So, what you appear to your employer would be influenced at the initial stages mostly by your resume. Of course, subsequently you’ll get other opportunities to impress your potential employer, such as by way of personal interviews. Nonetheless, your resume would give details of your educational qualifications, professional experience, training courses and other important aspects. Presentation of your resume in a clearly laid-out format is also equally important so that it should create a good impression on the persons who have the chance of looking at it. A good resume template assumes importance in this regard. A good resume template will take care of the presentation and formatting part while you concentrate on the quality of contents to be included in the resume. Selection of a good resume template is therefore important.

Microsoft Word includes three inbuilt resume templates. Moreover, it also provides a Resume Wizard that can prepare your resume by asking you to fill-in your details to several simple questions in a step-by-step process. Moreover, you can also get a large number of free Microsoft Word / Microsoft Office templates on the Internet.

(A) Using the Resume Templates in Microsoft Word on your local computer:

To make use of the three resume templates available with Microsoft Word, proceed as under:

(1) Start Microsoft Word. Click New on the File menu.

(2) The New Document task pane will open in the right side of Word. See image below:

Microsoft Word - selecting resume templates on your computer

(3) For accessing the resume templates available on your computer, click On my computer… link. A new Templates dialog box will appear on the screen; click the Other Documents tab, and the dialog box will appear as under:

Microsoft Word - three resume templates on your computer are already available

(4) It offers three templates for resumes, namely:

  • Contemporary Resume;
  • Elegant Resume; and
  • Professional Resume.

You can select any of these templates as your choice and requirements. In addition, it also displays the Resume Wizard, which is shown below:

Microsoft Word - Resume Wizard

Resume Wizard will also be using basically one of the aforesaid resume templates as per your option; however, it will make the process of filling in details in the template automatic and easy by step-by-step approach. You can choose either method, either using the resume template directly or using the resume wizard.

(5) Once you’ve selected the resume template of your choice, click OK in the Templates dialog box. A new Word document will now open with the formatting of the selected resume template.

(6) You can now fill in your own information at the relevant places. Also fill in details for the placeholders (such as for address, at the top of the document). Whatever fields are unnecessary, you can delete them. If necessary, you can add your own extra items or fields.

(7) Now, save the document on your computer with the desired name in a folder of your choice.

That’s it! Your resume is now ready to be printed or emailed as a Word document. If you so wish, you can also prepare a PDF copy of this resume (see, Create PDF documents with free PDFCreator) which will retain the formatting of the document as you have set; this PDF document can then be sent by email.

(B) Downloading more Resume Templates for Microsoft Word freely from the Internet:

If you are not satisfied with the format of the above three resume templates available in Microsoft Word, then you can get many more free resume templates available on the Internet, particularly from the official Microsoft website. To access free resume templates for Word from Microsoft’s site, click here. There are about 150+ resume templates available there for Microsoft Word and these are classified into three categories:

  • Basic resumes.
  • Job-specific resumes (each specific to a particular job).
  • Situation-specific resumes (i.e., different for different level of job).

You can browse these lists and download the ones chosen by you, free of cost. Save them to your computer and open them. Make the necessary changes in the selected resume template by filling in your own information at the relevant places and then save it as your resume or CV.

There are many other sites on the Internet which offer free resume templates for Microsoft Word. You can search them easily by using expressions such as “Microsoft Word resume template” or the like.

Having got the resume template of your liking, you should now concentrate on the quality of the contents to be mentioned in your resume.

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