Make your picture perfect with PicTreat in a second for free


PicTreat - retouches your picture automatically PicTreat is a free online service that can automatically retouch your photo in a second or two to make the face skin look great. It can make your skin look smooth and shiny; it can remove blemishes, red eye, and irritating skin flaws from your picture. PicTreat can also auto-correct the colors. This gets done automatically online within 2-3 seconds. And, all this for free!

Just have a look at the following pictures – the first one is before the retouching done by PicTreat and the second one after it was improved with PicTreat:

PicTreat - automatically improving picture quality

PicTreat can be accessed without signing up for an account, though it supports login through MySpaceID and Facebook ID. However, you can also get an instant PicTreat for improving the quality of your picture without signing into any such account. Simply visit PicTreat. Click on Instant PicTreat link or directly go to this page. Now, under the Upload tab, click Choose File and then select the picture file that you want to get retouched by PicTreat and click Upload button. See below:

PicTreat - upload a picture file from your computer to get it retouched automatically

Or else, you can also enter the URL where the picture resides on the web and click Submit button.

Select the options whether you want the red-eye reduction and whether it is a mobile phone photo. Once the image file is uploaded, within a second or so, the retouched up picture will appear on the screen along with the original picture. It is that simple! This whole operation takes just a few seconds from the time of choosing the picture file. Now, you can yourself compare whether there is really an improvement in the picture on the areas mentioned above.

You can also upload pictures directly from Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, or Photobucket accounts.

I experimented with PicTreat for some time and tried to check its performance in respect of a few pictures that I uploaded. Generally speaking, its performance was good, barring in 2-3 cases wherein the desired improvements could not be noticed. But then, what more can you expect from an automatic process? If you’ve expertise in Photoshop, you won’t require help from PicTreat. However, not everybody is expert in editing a picture in Photoshop. So, you can give PicTreat a try and it won’t cost you anything.

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