Insert an image in your signature in Yahoo! Mail


Yahoo! Mail - inserting image in signature As you may know, your signature can automatically get appended at the end of the contents in all of your outgoing mails in Yahoo! Mail. You can easily put your name and contact details or some famous quotes in your signature. While Yahoo! Mail allows you to insert rich-text and hyperlinks in your signature, it does not offer any feature to allow you to insert an image or picture in your signature. But, you can still insert your favorite image in your signature in Yahoo! Mail using the following trick explained in this article. [You can have HTML signature with image in Gmail also.]

The image that you want to insert in your signature must be available on the Internet at some web address. If the image is present on your computer or laptop but it is not present on the Internet, then it may not be possible to insert it in your signature in Yahoo! Mail using the following trick. So, you must first put the image on the Internet at some web address, if it is not so available already. If you don’t have your website, you can use some free website (or may be Flickr) to put that image on the web. If you want to display the image of some celebrity or some leading personality and if that image is already available on web, then just be aware of that web page address. Moreover, try to use a small image in your signature.

Okay. Let’s proceed to see how it can be done.

(1) Open the web page on which that image is available in a browser. If that image is on the Internet with its own URL but it is not a part of any web page, then type the URL for that image in your browser.

(2) Now you’ve to copy that image from the browser in the manner described below, depending upon the browser (I’m explaining the procedure for three main browsers):

  • If you’ve opened the image in Google Chrome browser, right-click on the image in the web page, and then select “Copy image” command.
  • If you’ve opened the image in Internet Explorer browser, right-click on the image in the web page, and then select “Copy” command.
  • If you’ve opened the image in Mozilla Firefox browser, then you’ve to copy the image manually as would do for copying any text. For this purpose, click with mouse just at the beginning of the image; then while keeping the Shift key pressed click with mouse at the end of the image. Your image should now get selected. Copy this image now by pressing the Ctrl + C keys together.

(3) The image is now copied to your clipboard with the correct method as necessary, if you’ve followed the Step 2 above correctly.

(4) Now login to your Yahoo! Mail account. Click on Options from the top-right corner and then from the popup menu, select Mail Options (see figure below):

Yahoo! Mail - Select Options, then select Mail Options

(5) From the right sidebar, click on Signature link. In the Signature window, select the option “Show a signature on all outgoing messages”.

Moreover, click on Rich Text link if it is visible at top of this window to enable it (if Plain Text link is visible, then that means that Rich Text is already enabled).

(6) Now, at the appropriate desired place in this window, paste the image (by pressing Ctrl + V keys together) that you copied earlier from your favorite browser. Remember that the image should now be visible in your signature. If the image is not visible then it means that it was not copied properly. Type other text (with hyperlinks, if needed) and format the signature as per your choice. The signature may look something like this (of course, your image, your text and formatting would be different):

Yahoo! Mail - an image in the signature

(7) Once you’re satisfied with the signature, Click Save Changes. You’ll get the confirmation that the changes have been saved.

That’s it! Now your signature has the desired image inserted in it. Test this signature with some test email. Your signature with image should now appear automatically at the end of the contents in all your outgoing mails from Yahoo! Mail.

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