How to know if someone has blocked me on Facebook?


FacebookFacebook is a dynamic social networking site. Thinks keep moving very fast. Your friends on Facebook may keep changing regularly. Normally, you would see growth in the number of your friends on Facebook over time. However, at times, a friend may block you on Facebook. But, how would you know if a friend has blocked you? The official statement from Facebook shows that “Blocking someone is completely confidential, and the person will not be notified that he or she has been blocked”. Therefore, you’ll have to use certain tricks to find out whether a friend has blocked you.

As per the Facebook policy, you can’t interact with people on Facebook who have blocked you. Therefore, if somebody blocks you, whatever friendships or relationships you have with him on Facebook will automatically get broken. But, this broken relationship is confined only to Facebook. You can still interact with such person on other sites of Internet. In fact, you may perhaps still have an interaction with such person in applications on Facebook. Therefore, the first indicator of whether a person has blocked you on Facebook is to check whether you can interact with him, or whether you’re no more a friend with him on Facebook.

However, sometimes it may so happen that such person might have deactivated or permanently deleted his Facebook account, due to which he may not be appearing as your friend on Facebook. Therefore, when you find that suddenly you’re no more a friend with someone on Facebook, check whether he is still a user of Facebook. If yes, then that confirms that he has blocked you. But, if he has deactivated or permanently deleted his Facebook account itself, then naturally he has not blocked you but the reason is different and obvious. [Learn: How do I permanently delete my Facebook account?]

Now, the question arises as to how to find out if such person has deactivated or deleted his Facebook account. Well, just search Google for his name and “facebook” together. For example, if his name is ABC, then you can search “ABC Facebook” on Google. If he has an active Facebook account, you’ll get that in the search results. Click on the search result without being logged in your Facebook account. It will show you whether or not his account is still active on Facebook.

Sometimes, a person might have transferred his Facebook account to another person and such other person might have blocked you [it may be pointed out here that Facebook does not allow transfer of account to another person without Facebook’s permission; but still some persons may do so without letting Facebook know it. See, my earlier article: Can I transfer my Facebook account to another person?]. So, you’ll have to keep that possibility also in mind.

Another method is to ask some mutual friend as to whether the person, who is suspected to have blocked you on Facebook, is still active. If yes, then that again confirms that he has blocked you.

If you’ve another Facebook account (with a different user name), you can log in to such other account and gather information whether the person who has blocked you still has an active account on Facebook. You can even try to open a new account with Facebook (using a different name) to check this fact.

Thus, while Facebook does not offer a direct method to check whether someone has blocked you, you can try to use certain tricks to find that out for yourself.

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