How to disable or enable Javascript in Google Chrome


Google ChromeJavascript is quite useful for responding to user interactions in your browser. Many websites use Javascript for adding functionalities on user action in browser, such as clicking on a button, page loading, selecting a list item, hovering mouse over a link, and many other things. However, there are occasions when as a user you want to disable Javascript in your browser, at least temporarily. In this article, I am showing you how to disable Javascript in Google Chrome browser. [Also see, How to disable or enable Javascript in Internet Explorer, and Disabling or enabling Javascript in Mozilla Firefox.]

In Google Chrome browser, to disable or enable Javascript, proceed as under:

(1) Click on the Wrench icon in the right-top corner of Chrome to customize and control Chrome. Then, click on Options menu item from the menu that appears.

(2) Now click on Under the Hood option from the left sidebar on the next page. Thereafter, on the new page that appears, click on Content Settings button under Privacy section.

(3) On the next page, in the JavaScript section, click either of the two button depending upon whether you want to disable on enable JavaScript in Chrome:

  • Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)
  • Do not allow any site to run JavaScript


How to disable or enable Javascript in Google Chrome
How to disable or enable Javascript in Google Chrome

After selecting one of the above two options, as desired, simply close this page, since your changed options are automatically saved and there is no Save button to click.

That’s it! The JavaScript is now disabled or enabled as per your option.

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