How to disable / block Google Adsense ads on your computer?


As per the Google Adsense guidelines, you cannot click on ads displayed on your own website for which you’re earning money. Likewise, you’re not supposed to excessively display or view your own web pages that contain Adsense ads. This is what Google states in this regard:

“Simply viewing your pages yourself will not jeopardize your good standing in the AdSense program – however, please continue to avoid clicking on any ads, and don’t reload your pages excessively. We take the issue of invalid clicks and page impressions very seriously and have a dedicated team of specialists, as well as automated systems, to flag and review any unusual activity.”

However, the fact remains that you have to regularly visit your own web pages for cross-referencing purposes or for testing purposes or otherwise. So, what to do to disable or block the Adsense ads if you need to view your own web pages excessively to ensure that you don’t commit violation of the Google Adsense policies? In short, how to view your own website pages without having the Adsense ads? Or, in other words, how to block Adsense ads on your computer?

Well, the simplest way to ensure that the Adsense ads do not appear on your browser screen is to disable javascript temporarily. Since Adsense uses javascript to display the ads, these ads will not be displayed when javascript is disabled in your browser. After you’ve finished viewing your own web pages without Adsense ads, you can again enable javascript in your browser.

Enabling and disabling javascript is a very simple process that should take not more than a few seconds.

For example, in Google Chrome browser, to disable or enable javascript, proceed as under:

(1) Click on the Wrench icon in the right-top corner of Chrome to customize and control Chrome. Then, click on Options menu item from the menu that appears.

(2) Now click on Under the Hood option from the left sidebar on the next page. Thereafter, on the new page that appears, click on Content Settings button under Privacy section.

(3) On the next page, in the JavaScript section, click either of the two button depending upon whether you want to disable on enable JavaScript in Chrome:

  • Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)
  • Do not allow any site to run JavaScript


Disable or enable JavaScript in Chrome browser
Disable or enable JavaScript in Chrome browser

After selecting one of the above two options, as desired, simply close this page, since your changed options are automatically saved and there is no Save button to click.

That’s it! The JavaScript is now disabled or enabled as per your option.

If you so wish, you may also bookmark the aforesaid last page so that next time you can directly open this page from the bookmarks to disable or enable JavaScript in Chrome.

It goes without saying that while JavaScript is disabled in your browser, Adsense ads appearing on other websites would also be blocked for the time being.

Please remember that many sites use JavaScript for rendering their pages correctly. Therefore, you may not be able to get full performance from many sites when JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Therefore, you should enable JavaScript after you’ve achieved the purpose of blocking Adsense ads temporarily for viewing your own website.

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