Hide all your tabs in Chrome at once with a single button


Are you concerned about your privacy while browsing the Internet? A free browser extension, PanicButton, for Google Chrome, can hide all your open tabs at once by clicking a single button. This will ensure that a stranger will not be able to see the contents of the web pages that were open in your Chrome browser just before you hit the PanicButton to hide the open tabs.

PanicButton places a small icon in the top-right corner of Chrome window. The moment you click this icon, all the open tabs in your Chrome browser are immediately closed. The web pages open in these tabs are saved as bookmarks in your browser in a separate folder (“Temporary panic” sub-folder in “Other Bookmarks” folder). Later, you can restore these web pages by clicking on the PanicButton icon again.

Options for PanicButton extension for Google Chrome - hide open tabs at once with single button

PanicButton gives you an option to choose a Blank Page, or a New Tab Page, or a Custom Page of your choice that will be displayed immediately after your open tabs are hidden when you click the PanicButton. It also allows you to protect the stored tabs with a password so that other people cannot restore these tabs. Another option allows you to hide the icon that represents this extension in the top-right corner of Chrome window; and, you can activate PanicButton extension to hide open tabs by a keyboard shortcut instead (however, the keyboard shortcut currently works only when you are on a http:// or https:// page).

PanicButton icon before hiding open tabs in Chrome

The PanicButton icon is of red color. But, it turns green when you hide the open tabs, and it then also shows you how many tabs are currently hidden.

PanicButton icon in Chrome after hiding open tabs, when password is enabled

Thus, PanicButton can be useful Chrome extension to protect your privacy.

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