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Google Latitude has added new features of Location History and Location Alerts Beware, if you visit some notorious place. Google is watching you and keeping record of all the locations visited by you. The caveat is that you must have allowed it first to record your location history; secondly, this location history is visible only to you and not to others, not even to your friends. Yes, Google Latitude has a feature called Google Location History. If you’re using Google Latitude on your mobile phone device and enable the Location History feature, it will meticulously record all minor details of the places visited by you and will keep full history of all these places. Including the details as to how long you’ve halted or stayed at a place. You can trace this location history, even months after, to find out, for example, the name of the hotel where you stayed during your Europe tour or had a dinner a week back.

Look at the following image (click on it to view enlarged image) that shows minute-to-minute details of all the places visited by a user during a particular day:

And, now have a look at this image (click for enlarged view) that gives a more detailed view of a particular place visited at a particular time of the day; it turns out to be a Bar and the location history further reveals that the halt at this place was for at least 18 minutes (1.13 pm to 1.31 pm on August 16, 2009):

And, all this information is from the location history of a few months back. Thus, Google will remember meticulously where all you’ve been, even after months! And, it will reveal minute-to-minute details of all your locations!

As I said earlier, two important aspects of this new feature of Location History are that first you’ve to yourself enable the Location History in your Google Latitude settings of your supported mobile phone device, and secondly the location history is visible only to you. It should take care of your privacy concerns.

Not satisfied? Still have privacy issues? Okay, Google Latitude also gives you the option to delete the selected location history or your entire location history at any time.

Location History can be a very useful tool to find out places visited by you in past so that you never forget. And, all this information is stored automatically and unobtrusively. Just enable the feature and it starts recording your locations automatically minute-by-minute.

Google Location Alerts:

Another useful feature added to Google Latitude is Location Alerts. If a friend of yours has allowed you to see his location on Google Latitude, then Location Alerts will alert you anytime he is nearby. However, don’t worry. You won’t get flooded with alerts. You won’t get alerts in the form of a text message every single time you walk in the door at home or go to your work place. Google Location Alert is smart enough to find out from your location history your regular and routine locations and it will not send you any alerts when you’re at places like home or work. It is exactly for this reason that Location Alerts will work only if you’ve first enabled Location History. Both these features will work hand in hand.

Visit Google Mobile Blog to learn more about these two features on Google Latitude.

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