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Free online computer typing course I have noticed that a majority of people type on the keyboard of the computer only with two fingers, i.e., the index fingers of the two hands. This reduces their typing speed drastically. There are some persons who can type reasonably fast even with two fingers; but just imagine what would their typing speed be if they start typing with all 10 fingers! Using all 10 fingers for typing on the computer keyboard will not only increase your typing speed drastically but also after some good practice you’ll able to type even without looking at the keyboard, which is not possible if you use only two fingers for typing. If you use all 10 fingers for typing, then over a period of time, your mind gets synchronized with your fingers and the computer keyboard, which results into much faster typing as you don’t have to even look at the keyboard, and moreover, you also get the advantage of using 5 times more number of fingers than if you were using only two fingers. It is much like playing a music keyboard instrument where the person playing music does not have to look at the of music keyboard due to the synchronization of his mind with the movement of his fingers and the music sound.

Often people feel that it is very difficult to learn typing using 10 fingers. And, then there are some people who just don’t take typing seriously and don’t even consider the advantage they can derive by learning typing using all 10 fingers. Let me assure you that learning typing is very easy. You must know only a few basic tricks as to which key is to be pressed using which finger. It won’t take more than 2 minutes to learn as to which finger is to be used for which key. Thereafter, it is just a question of some practice. And, I have seen people, who bother to try it, picking up good typing speeds within just 2-3 days after they start typing using all 10 fingers with the correct method.

Gone are the days when one used to write on a piece of page using a pen. These days most of the writing work is directly done into computer, either by way of typing or by way of dictating into the computer using some dictation software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking. In fact, for last about 10 years plus, my only use of pen has been to put my signatures on some bank checks or on some other documents; and, in fact that is also reducing these days since many bank transactions are also now done online only. This being the practical situation, one wonders as to why people feel shy learning proper method of typing on computer as it can drastically improve their typing speed and hence their productivity, given that people spend a good part of their daily activities on computers.

TypingWeb - free online typing course In fact, now it is even further easier to learn typing on computer keyboard as there are several free online courses available on the Internet due to which one may not have to join any outside typing institute or school. Sitting at home you can practice typing learning from these online courses. You can easily Google the web to learn more about these online courses. But, one particular free course which I came across appears to be quite good and hence I must mention it. It is TypingWeb.

TypingWeb allows you to join and complete the computer typing course online and you don’t have to spend a dime for it. It offers these free online courses at various levels of learning: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Specialty Courses, etc. It offers help at every stage of learning by pictorial indications as to which is the next character to be typed and which is the next finger to be used. Just have a look at the following image, where you are being told that the next character to be typed is “d” and you are required to use the middle finger of the left-hand for typing this character:

TypingWeb - which finger to use next

Moreover, it will also time your performance to tell you how fast you are and whether you are improving. It will also show you the accuracy of your typing. If there are some problem keys for you where you often commit mistakes, it will show you those too. Just have a look at the following image which informs you about your performance in learning typing:

TypingWeb - computer typing course - performance report

Also have a look at the following image which shows what is the text to be typed by you and as you keep typing, TypingWeb will keep showing you the next character to be typed by highlighting it and by also showing you which finger is to be used for the next character:

Free computer typing course - which finger to use for next character

If you register on this site (registration is free), it will even keep track of your performance as you progress in typing speed from the Beginner course to the Advanced course and beyond. It even offers certification to the registered users.

Are you too a two-finger typing user? Yes? When are you joining such a free online course then to improve your productivity given that a good part of your daily time is spent on typing on computer keyboard?

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