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Nimbuzz Nimbuzz is a free web service that allows you to call, to chat, to send message and to swap files with your friends from anywhere in the world and using multiple platforms. For example, you can use its services from your mobile phone, from the web through the browser, by installing a client program on your computer, etc. Moreover, just by using one secure log-in to your free account with Nimbuzz, you can access several chat services such as Windows Live Messenger (MSN), ICQ, Yahoo, Google Talk, AIM, Facebook, MySpace, and other similar chat services. And, you’ve the advantage of being in touch with different friends on different chat services from a single platform.

(1) Using Mobile Phone: Since Nimbuzz is available for your mobile phone, you can easily use it to call friends, chat with them or to send files such as photos, music, video files, to them. You can download Nimbuzz Mobile for free for using it on your mobile phone. Nimbuzz will not charge you for the usage. So, you save on your mobile phone minutes. Of course, since Nimbuzz uses the Internet for the calls, chat, etc., you may have to pay to your Internet service provider for the usage. However, it will be much cheaper comparatively, more so if you’re using a flat rate data plan or if you’re using a free Internet connection, such as free Wifi connection.

Nimbuzz Mobile

Numbuzz Mobile makes it easy to locate your friends and allows you to alert them even if they are offline by sending them a “Buzz” since this will start Numbuzz Mobile on their mobile phone

(2) Using Web: You can also access Nimbuzz directly through the web by using your browser. This means that you can contact your friends and chat with them on any computer or other device connected to the Internet, irrespective of the operating system. Moreover, you require just a single login. Using your Internet connection, with Nimbuzz, you can make free / low-cost International calls to your buddies; and, moreover, by registering your VoIP account, you can also call your friends on landlines and mobile phones.

Nimbuzz - Web

(3) Windows / Mac computer: Nimbuzz for PC and Nimbuzz for Mac products are available for free download for Windows and Mac computers that allow you free and low-cost calls to your friends and free instant messaging. All popular instant messaging and social networks are accessible from Nimbuzz for chatting. It also allows you to make low-cost International calls on landline and mobile phones anywhere in the world. You can also share music files, movies and digital photos with your friends.

Nimbuzz for PC

Thus, Nimbuzz facilitates connecting with your friends across several chat services from multiple devices using a single login to your Nimbuzz account. And, it offers much more.

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