Displaying PDF documents in Internet Explorer 9


There is a problem with opening and displaying of PDF documents in Internet Explorer 9. The PDF file may be downloaded in IE 9 but it may not be displayed in it. On the other hand, you may get an error message informing you that there is some problem with Adobe Reader. This problem was found in IE 9 Beta and it has continued to exist even in the regular version of IE9. While Google Chrome now supports viewing PDF files in it as a built-in feature without using any plugin, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 (i.e., its latest version) cannot display PDF files even by using plugin also. It’s strange. But, how to resolve this issue?

This is what is officially mentioned by Adobe on the Adobe Forums with regard to this problem:

“Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 was released after development for Adobe Reader X was complete.  While we made every effort to anticipate the way the final release version of IE9 would behave, our PDF viewer plugin is not yet compatible with IE9.  This is being worked on by our engineering department.  In the interim, when trying to open a PDF file from the browser, save it locally to your computer and open it directly in Adobe Reader.”

So, Adobe has raised its hands in desperation and can’t solve this problem! This reply was given by Adobe in April, 2011, and as of this writing in January, 2012, there is no solution from Adobe for this problem.

Well, here are a few workarounds / possible solutions to this problem that you can try and see whether your problem is solved (these are alternative solutions, so try each method separately to see if it works):

(A)     Start Internet Explorer 9. Select Internet Options, then select Advanced tab from the Internet Options dialog box that appears on screen. Now, in the Settings, scroll down and under Security section, unselect or uncheck the “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” option.

(B)     Alternatively, Open Adobe Reader software on your computer. On the Edit menu, select Preferences. Now, from the Preferences window, select Internet from the left sidebar, and then unselect or uncheck “Display PDF in browser”. This will make PDF files to open in Adobe Reader software, and these will not open in Internet Explorer 9.

(C)     Instead of trying to open the PDF file directly in IE9, you can try to save the PDF file on your computer from the web page displayed in IE9 by right-clicking on it. Once the file is saved, you can then open it in Adobe Reader or any other PDF viewing software, such as Foxit Reader.

(D)     In Windows 7, under the Program Files (x86) folder [i.e., folder containing the 32-bit programs], open Internet Explorer folder. Locate iexplore proram and run it.  Visit the website containing PDF files and try to open them now.

If you find that this problem is still not solved, use Google Chrome as browser instead of Internet Explorer 9, since Chrome is faster and easier to use with many latest features. Moreover, with a very large number of extensions being available for Chrome, its functionality is further enhanced.

Hope these tricks are helpful.

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