Disable auto-play of CD, DVD in Windows 7


Windows 7When you insert a music CD or a movie DVD in Windows 7 computer, generally it would start playing the CD / DVD automatically. Normally, it may be the acceptable behavior. However, in case you don’t want Windows 7 to auto-play a DVD or CD immediately after inserting it in the computer, it is possible to tweak the settings in Windows 7 to change this automatic behavior. These settings are controlled by Windows AutoPlay settings that you can change easily.

To change the way Windows 7 responds when you insert a movie DVD or an audio CD in the computer, proceed as under:

(1)     Click Start button, select Control Panel, and then from the Control Panel, select AutoPlay. Following window appears on screen:

Change auto-play settings of various devices in Windows 7
Change auto-play settings of various devices in Windows 7

(2)     You may notice that this AutoPlay window allows you to change the settings for the auto-play behavior of a large number of devices, etc., such as Audio CD, Enhanced audio CD, DVD movie, Enhanced DVD movie, Software and games, Pictures, Video files, Audio files, Blank CD / DVD, Blu-ray disc movie, Mixed conent, DVD-Audio, Video CD, Super Video CD, and other devices attached to your computer (such as iPhone, other phones, digital camera, video camera, etc.).

(3)     Firstly, if so you wish, you may unselect the checkbox at the top that says “Use AutoPlay for all media and devices”.

(4)     Now, change the AutoPlay options for whichever device you want. For example, to change the settings for DVD movie, click the list box in front of it, and the following drop-down list appears on screen:

Change the auto-play settings of a DVD movie in Windows 7
Change the auto-play settings of a DVD movie in Windows 7

(5)     Options displayed in this list will depend on the software installed on your computer, so you may actually see a slightly different list. But, you should at least see the following options:

  • Play DVD movie using Windows Media Player
  • Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer
  • Take no action
  • Ask me every time

If you’ve some other software installed on your computer that can play DVD movies (such as PowerDVD or VLC media player, etc.), that will also be shown in the options.

(6)     Select the appropriate option as you like. If you don’t want Windows 7 to take any action when you insert the DVD movie in the computer, select “Take no action” [in that case, Windows 7 will not auto-play DVD movie as soon as it is inserted and you’ll have to manually run the DVD movie on your own by running the appropriate software / option]. Or, otherwise, select any other desired option from the list that you want.

(7)     Similarly, change the settings for other devices, such as Audio-CD, if you so wish.

(8)     Finally, select Save button to save the changes made by you.

That’s it! You’ve now successfully changed the auto-play settings and depending on your new settings, Windows will not auto-play an audio CD or movie DVD when you insert it in your computer.

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