Delete browsing history and other traces with Wipe


Wipe - delete your browsing history and other traces Wipe is a free utility that allows you to clear your browser history and cache, remove cookies, clean user data files, delete auto-complete search history, delete temporary Internet files and erase other traces of the use of your computer. In this manner, it allows you to protect your privacy by deleting the data automatically stored on your computer by the browsers and other applications in respect of your activities.

Wipe also deletes the recent document lists, recent keywords lists, cached thumbnails of pictures that you’ve viewed, registry cache, etc. It can also help you in finding out and deleting several hidden files in which the Windows records the details of your online and offline activities.

Wipe - interface of the software

Wipe also has a Screen Lock feature that can instantly hide the desktop of your computer / laptop with a hotkey. This can be particularly useful if a person suddenly happens to visit you and has an occasion to look at your computer at a time when you’re viewing some confidential data on it.

When you start Wipe, it will display a list of the programs that contain your hidden personal data and usage history. You can select any item in the list to see more details about the number of files stored by the program and the amount of space taken up by each such file. You can easily select or unselect a program whose personal data files / history are to be deleted automatically by Wipe. While deleting the files, you’ll get full details of the program being cleaned, the specific files being deleted, the number of files and the space being cleared, and the progress of the cleaning operation.

While such personal data / history is deleted by Wipe that is automatically stored by various programs on your computer without your permission, it does not delete various files and documents that you’ve created yourself. Moreover, the data / history deleted by Wipe, relating to your privacy, is deleted permanently without leaving any traces and in a way that such data cannot be recovered again.

The software will clear such privacy data stored by Windows, various browsers and a large number of other applications such as Microsoft Office. It can run on the latest Windows 7 operating system as well as on Windows XP and Vista.

Download: The free version of Wipe can be downloaded from here.

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