Contig – free File & Disk Defragmenter from Microsoft


Disk Defragmentation Contig is a free File and Disk Defragmenter program from Microsoft. All Windows versions have a free pre-installed Disk Defragmenter utility, however that utility can be used for defragmenting only the entire drives and you cannot defrag a selected file or folder. Moreover, certain files cannot be defragged by it due to file size limits. On the other hand, Contig is a free utility provided by Microsoft that gives you full control over what to defrag; it allows you to defrag even a single selected file or all files in a folder or a full drive.

Contig makes files contiguous on disk. You can quickly optimize files that are continuously becoming fragmented. You don’t have to compulsorily defrag the full hard disk if you what you desire is to defrag just a single file or a few files that are often used and that need to be optimized by way of deframentation. Contig was developed by Mark Russinovich of Sysinternals, which was subsequently acquired by Microsoft. Currently, Contig is available in version 1.55. It runs on Windows XP and higher versions of Windows. It uses standard Windows defragmentation API’s, due to which it won’t cause any disk corruption even if you’ve to terminate the program while its running.

As you may be aware, you must regularly defrag your disk from time to time to optimize the performance of your computer. A Disk Defragmenter can ensure that a given file is stored in contiguous memory areas of the hard disk that can make your computer fast since it can access the files faster when they are not fragmented. Contig is a perfect utility for that purpose.

When you run Contig, it quietly scans the hard disk to find out the locations and sizes of free areas on the disk. Then, it automatically determines where exactly the file to be optimized is located on the disk. Thereafter, using its algorithm, Contig decides whether that file can be optimized, based on free areas available and the number of fragments the file currently consists of. Depending upon whether the file can be optimized, it is moved into the free spaces of the disk that are contiguous.

Download: Contig can be downloaded from Microsoft’s official site and its download size is only about 100 KB.

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