Clear, delete search & browsing history in Google Chrome


Google Chrome - clear search and browsing history Google Chrome allows you to quickly search directly from the address bar by just typing your search query and pressing Enter key. The same address bar is used to type the web addresses or URLs for visiting any website. If you’ve used Google Search in any other browser using Google Toolbar, you’d have noticed a link “Clear search history” at the bottom of the searched item history. However, no such link is found in Google Chrome wherein address bar doubles up as a search box also. So, how to delete or clear the search history and the browsing history in Google Chrome? This may be important for maintaining your privacy if your computer is used by more than one person.

Deleting or clearing your search and browsing history is easy in Google Chrome, too. For doing so, proceed as under:

(1) Click the Wrench menu and select Clear browsing data. See following figure:

Google Chrome - click on "Clear browsing data" to clear search and browsing history

(2) The Clear Browsing Data dialog box will appear on the screen (see figure below). Select the “Clear browsing history” checkbox. This dialog box also allows you to clear or delete other stored data, such as download data, cookies, etc.; if you want to clear such other stored data also, then select the respective check box.

Google Chrome - select "Clear browsing history" to clear search and browsing history

(3) You may notice from the last option in this dialog box “Clear data from this period” that you can select the period for which you want to delete the browsing history. The default is to clear your entire history. However, if you want to clear your browsing history for a shorter period of time, select another period in this option from the drop-down menu. It gives you following options: Clear browsing history for last day, or last week, or last 4 weeks, or the entire data.

(4) Now, click Clear Browsing Data button. Google Chrome will clear the browsing history for the selected period (and also, other data if you’ve also selected other options).

That’s it!

Please note that once you clear your entire browsing history, matches to your browsing history will not appear in the address bar when you type something in the address for visiting a site or for searching some expression. Please also remember that clearing your browsing history in Google Chrome will delete the following information from your computer:

  • URLs of web pages that you’ve visited and that are listed on the History page.
  • Cached text of those web pages.
  • Snapshots of those web pages that appear on the New Tab page in the form of thumbnails.
  • IP addresses pre-fetched from those web pages.

However, clearing browsing history will not clear the cookies or your download history. For deleting these items also, you’ll have to select the respective options in the above Clear Browsing Data dialog box.

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