Build professional resume from your LinkedIn profile


LinkedIn Resume BuilderSearching for a good Resume Builder? Here is one from LinkedIn Labs. It can create a professional resume for you from your LinkedIn profile in a few seconds. You won’t have to manipulate several Microsoft Word and PDF documents in your computer for this purpose. LinkedIn Resume Builder allows you to build your resume in 3 easy steps: pick a resume template, customize its content, and print and share the resume so prepared.

This resume builder would thus be doubly convenient for you if you already have a LinkedIn profile. Else, you can first easily create your LinkedIn profile for free. You should use the Resume Builder in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, or Safari browsers; Internet Explorer is not fully supported as yet.

Build professional resume from your LinkedIn profile
Build professional resume from your LinkedIn profile

This resume builder has 11 built-in resume templates. You can choose any of these templates to begin preparing your resume. The available resume templates are: Clean, Executive, Classic, Gray, Orange, Slice, Law, Twocol, Business, Blue, and White.

The moment you pick a resume template, your resume content is automatically imported from your LinkedIn profile. What you have to do now is to simply customize as per your choice. This resume builder will show you several sections in your resume: summary, specialities, skills, experience, education, honors, interests, associations, certifications, languages, parents, publications. You have the option to select which sections are to be included in your resume and in what order.

Since Markdown syntax is uesed in your LinkedIn profile, it will be transformed as proper HTML in the resume. Thus, you can use bullet points, numbered lists, headers, bold, underline, italics, etc., in your resume.

Once you have customized your resume, it is ready to be shared with others.

Creating your resume is that simple!

You can now save your resume as a PDF file or you can print it. Moreover, LinkedIn Resume Builder also creates a custom web link for your resume. You can easily share this link with others via email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. or you can put it on your website. Others can view your resume by clicking this web link.

This resume builder also has some sample resumes that you can use to design your own resume.

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    It’s really a good tool. I have used it and it works great.

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