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Add text or caption to your images, photos, pictures Recently, I had written an article explaining how to add a text caption to an image using Microsoft Word and without using HTML coding. In this article, I am discussing about several online free tools that allow you to easily add text, caption or caption bubble to your photos, images and pictures just in a few seconds. Adding text or caption to a picture can make it look stylish and convey your message more directly. If a picture can say a million words, then a picture with a caption can say a billion words!

(1) Picnik:

Picnik is a popular online image editor. It has both free and paid versions. Its free version can also be accessed directly from within your Yahoo! Mail by clicking on Edit Photos under the Applications collections.

For using it, visit the site, click on Upload a photo button, upload your photo or picture. On the next screen, when your photo appears, click on Create tab, and then from the toolbar under it, select Text. Now, in the left sidebar, enter your text or caption that you want to add to your image, and select the font. There is a good collection of fonts here. Finally click Add button. Your text will be added to the picture now. See below for a sample screen for this action:

Adding text / caption to your image using Picnik


PicFont similarly allows you to insert text, add comments to picture, canvas or shape in easy steps in a few seconds. So, it allows you also to create empty canvas with text. Or you can use a pre-built shape in different sizes and colors and add your own text to give it a nice effect. Of course, you can directly upload your own photos and add text and captions on PicFont. See the following image:

Adding text / caption to your image using PicFont

(3) Roflbot:

Roflbot also allows you to add text / caption to your images. Simply upload the image from your computer or provide its web address. Enter your text, select the font, select font size, and click Add Text button. Your image now has a text caption. Save it if you like it. See the following sample image with a caption added to it:

Adding text / caption to your image using Roflbot

(4) BubbleCaption:

BubbleCaption (or CaptionBubble) is another good option to add text or caption to your photos. In fact, it also allows you to add text in a caption bubble form to your images. Click or Create button on its home page. On next screen, upload a photo or image from your computer or enter its web address to download it directly. On the next screen, either click on a bubble / object or drag and drop it on the picture; and, then add your text in the bubble / object. Change the font type and the color of the caption, if you want. Resize the bubble, if needed, or move it to the appropriate position on the image. That’s it! Your image now has a caption bubble with your text. See the following image with a bubble caption:

Adding text / caption to your image using BubbleCaption

Thus, using these free online sites, you can easily add text, caption, or caption bubble to your images, photos, pictures and give them a nice effect.

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